Venture Advisor
Chairman Emeritus – Tech Coast Angels, Chief Innovation Officer University of California Irvine Applied Innovation

An entrepreneur at a young age, Richard Sudek’s childhood business efforts were non­ stop. From the classic lemonade stand, to washing guests cars at neighborhood parties, Sudek knew his passion was to build and grow businesses. Sudek founded his first company with $250 dollars. Nadek, a data networking design implementation firm, served clients like Microsoft, Boeing, ARCO, and Universal Studios. At the age of 41, after considering offers from a dozen corporations, Sudek sold the business to SAIC, a multi-billion dollar international firm.

Today Richard is Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation at U.C. Irvine.

Sudek continues to be an active angel investor, and Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel organization in the U.S. In addition, Sudek serves as Research Committee Chair for Angel Capital Education Foundation, a national organization of
angel groups throughout the U.S.

Richard also coaches and consults with CEO’s involved with growth challenges. His experience working with hundreds of start-up companies grow and prosper often gives CEO’s fresh insight and new tools to solve self-management, leadership and growth challenge.

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